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Expertise to Guide Your Finances

We see wealth management a little differently than most

Helping those we serve live fuller and richer lives



collective wisdom


James Busterud, CFP® Photo

James Busterud, CFP®

Jack Point Founder
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Jim has been providing investment advice since 1998. He began his career with Merrill Lynch and moved on to Morgan Stanley and UBS as both Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager.  For 23 years, it has been Jim's privilege to sit side-by-side with his clients, helping them find comfort and stability while facing external and internal challenges. 

In 2017 Jim founded Jack Point Advisors, an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  RIA’s are legally obligated to act as a fiduciary and in the client’s best interest. Jack Point is a fee-only firm and does not receive commissions. 

Jim is originally from California, and attended high school in Washington, D.C.  He studied economics and music at Pomona College, where he received his B.A.  At Pomona he lived a double life as an athlete and musician: awarded the school’s top scholar-athlete award;  2-time All-American shortstop in baseball; and voted into the school’s athletic Hall-of-Fame. Jim received a Masters in Music from the Eastman School of Music and went on to sing professionally for the next 17 years.  Eventually, realizing it would be next to impossible to raise a family while living the itinerant life-style of an opera singer, he returned to his interest in investments, studying economics at Columbia University’s Professional Degree Program, before arriving at Merrill Lynch in 1998. His daughter, Rachel, born during the summer of '98, graduated from Colgate University in '20 and his son, James, born in '03, lives with Jim in Southport, CT. 

Over the last 23 years, Jim has been involved with a number of not-for-profit, arts organizations, both as a Board member as as a performer. One of those organizations, the Blue Hill Troupe, based in Manhattan, introduced him to Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Yeoman of the Guard' and his favorite role in all of G&S -- Jack Point.  

Oddities: Once upon a time, Jim sang a duet for Queen Elizabeth at President Reagan’s State Dinner and, though not at the same time, he played in a baseball game against Henry Aaron. 

We ask and we listen: creating value for our clients through planning, teaching and a collective wisdom  

We bring a quarter century of experience in the investment community, as well as the collective knowledge of our professional partners, to deliver thoughtful solutions to your financial concerns. 


Jack Point Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor Company (RIA). RIAs have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means they have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in their clients' best interests. We exist to provide our clients financial independence, while offering independent advice. As a fee-only firm (no commission incentives), we’re not bound to any particular product or service, providing us the freedom to suggest only what we believe will be in your best interest.  

Comprehensive Services and Solutions

Helping you and yours live a fuller, richer life is our goal. By using a holistic, team-based approach, we put our combined experience to bear on addressing each client’s unique financial needs. The client/advisor relationship is a journey we take together toward achieving financial clarity and the quality of life you desire for you and your family.


We begin by getting to know each other. During this time, we discuss your personal and financial goals as well as your current financial picture.

Identify and Select Goals

Once we're well acquainted, our team dives more deeply into identifying your personal values, beliefs and financial vision. We'll discover what's most important to you and how we prioritize how to get you there.


We begin gathering data and analyzing your financial situation. By developing a clear picture of your specific needs, assets, liabilities and risk tolerance both our advisors and you, the client, have the greatest chance of success.


Using sophisticated modeling tools, we run various optimization programs to best address your needs now and those you may have in the future. 


Based on the conversations we've had with you, we design and present to you a comprehensive financial strategy.


After receiving your approval, we then put to work the strategies our team and professional partners have designed to support your unique aspirations and financial goals.


Throughout the year, we review your strategy to confirm it is on track to achieve its intended outcome. We meet with you, as well, to hear of any changes in your life so we might make recommended adjustments to keep your plan on track. The plan is a living, breathing document created for your success.

Your investment portfolio plays a critical role in enabling you to reach your financial goals. We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know your investment time horizon and your tolerance for risk. Each investor presents a unique set of needs and wants. It is critical we understand yours.     

We primarily build our portfolios using low-cost passive investments that provide highly specific exposure along with diversification and tax efficiency. We rely upon our own analysis as well as expert independent third-party research. 

Fear and Greed and Fitness

At Jack Point Advisors, we stand by the belief that two fundamental, human emotions, based on survival, drive most financial decisions. Those emotions are: fear and greed. As the price of a stock or the stock market goes higher, greed steps in to ask, “what am I missing out on.”  Often, we pay heed to that voice and end up buying “high.” On the flip side, as the price of a stock or the market goes lower, the voice of fear calls out to ask, “what are you doing? Get out while you still can!” Naturally, we listen to that voice and sell “low.” Of course, the same holds true on the spending side of our clients emotional balance sheet.  

To overcome the natural pull of these emotions takes awareness, patience and practice. Our “Coaching” is structured to address our clients’ desires to become more financially “fit.” At Jack Point, we have all had extensive training as investors as well as athletes and performers - disciplines steeped in coaching and training. We believe that accountability, inherent when working with a coach, is an invaluable piece of financial fitness. Where needed or requested by our clients, we will coach you through our process and structure for success. Join us to start your coaching.      

While every conversation is different, you should expect to cover some general information and get a sense of what it’s like to collaborate with us.

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current financial picture and financial goals. How are things now? Do you have any concerns? What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years and longer-term?